04 Jul

Dip in the Nip


Get your kit off for ARC Cancer Support Centres! Come and join us for a Dip in the Nip at a secret location in July. It’s more than being naked, getting cold and getting wet.

In the ocean, everyone is equal. Proud bellies, mastectomy scars, cellulite, we’re all there. Skinny-dipping is the ultimate in life-affirmation, so the Dip in the Nip lets us celebrate life in all its beauty.

Dip for yourself, for loved ones, or for those you’ve lost. Whatever your reason, join thousands of others who have peeled off – and take part in the next Dip in the Nip.

This is the eighth year for this event and is great for shedding your inhibitions – as well as your clothing and raising much needed funds for ARC!

The event is open to all over the age of 18 years.