For Families with Children Impacted by Cancer

For Families with Children Impacted by Cancer

  • Picture Books/Reading Materials for Children who have lost someone important.

  • A written guide on talking to children about Cancer.

  • Art kits to help you talk to a child about Cancer.

  • Sammy Found a Treasure, a children’s book (and accompanying website) about bereavement and the power of love. It also aims to be a tool to enrich the emotional world of all children in relation to a topic that is usually taboo.

  • Jigsaw is an early intervention, primary care service for young people’s mental health.

  • Cancer Focus Northern Ireland provides a journey video series aims to help parents or carers who have cancer speak to their children about what lies ahead.

  • Book recommendations for Children -

    Michael Rosen's Sad Book (Michael Rosen)
    Badgers Parting Gifts (Susan Varley)
    No Matter What (Debi Gliori)
    Always and Forever (Debi Gliori)
    Muddles, Puddles and Sunshine (Dianna Crossley)
    An Invisible String by Patrice Karst and Joanne Lew Vriethoff

  • Book recommendations for Adults supporting bereaved children - 

    A Child's Grief (Dianna Crossley)
    When Someone Dies (Michael Castleman)
    As Big As It Gets (Winston's Wish)
    Grief In Young Children (Atle Dyregrov)