Torch of Hope Relay

Torch of Hope 2020 is physically cancelled but we are asking you to host ''Your Torch of Hope'' virtual campaign on November 8th. More details to follow very shortly!

For former Torchbearer and cancer survivor, 38 year old Edwina Halpin the Torch of Hope Relay is the highlight of her year.

"The Torch of Hope Relay is just one of those special occasions, which touches you to your core. There's such a sense of comaraderie, of us all being together, of everyone wanting the best for each other. If you were feeling down before the Torch of Hope Relay, you'll be feeling a thousand times better afterwards - it's hugely inspiring and uplifting. For those of us who have survived cancer, it's about grabbing liofe by the bootsraps and living it to the full. I would encourage people to lend their support in whatever way they can."

Registration now open