Online Services

We are here to support you and your families affected by cancer during this worrying time.

Our support lines are open Monday - Friday, 10am -4pm or 01 215 0250 or we are available by email 

Please click on our links below to access videos from ARC during this time. 

Dr Noel McCaffrey on Exercise and the Cancer Journey


Calmness to the Mind with ARC Therapist, Pat Hickey


Mindfulness with Carmel O'Hara


Mindfulness with Carmel - Brief Body Scan


Confucius with Pat Hickey


The Elephant with Pat Hickey


Master of Your Mind with Pat Hickey




Eating Well After a Diagnosis of Cancer

All of our services are free of charge

What we offer

ARC offers a range of complementary therapies free of charge in group classes and workshops


Counselling for people and their family members to help deal with the fear of a cancer diagnosis.


Acupuncture is used to address the side effects of treatment and helps reduce anxiety.

Manual Lymph Drainage

Manual lymph drainage is a specialised treatment for cancer-related lymphoedema.


Reflexology is a very gentle therapy that promotes relaxation.

Chair Yoga

This four-week chair yoga course can help reduce the impact of chronic illnesses and can help with stress management and coping with pain.

Stress Management

Teaches coping technique that can be put into daily practice to minimise stress.

Time to Adjust

Following treatment of breast cancer.

Cancer Thrive & Survive

Helpful to those who have finished treatment or who may be on to long term maintenance treatment.


To help manage stress and improve well-being.