As a reflexologist working in ARC since 2004, my work and my understanding of reflexology in cancer care have evolved enormously both in the techniques and in the awareness of the vast potential benefits for clients receiving reflexology on their cancer journey.

On their first visit to me, I carry out a written consultation with the client as regards their medical conditions, both present and previous conditions over the years. This can be very broad ranging covering many aspects such as diagnosis, hospital treatments, chemotherapy, radiation and ongoing maintenance of their condition and the various reactions normally associated with these treatments.

I explain to each client what reflexology is, and the role that reflexology may play in their recovery as a complementary therapy supporting the orthodox medical profession.

I normally give each client a number of reflexology treatments and after each treatment I fill in a treatment record taking note of how I carried out the treatment and anything that I feel is appropriate I detail it. Over a number of treatments, I can often see a pattern emerging with the welfare of the client.

It’s a very interesting and rewarding therapy for both the client and the therapist.

There are many courses, classes, workshops and books available concerning reflexology, all aspects of reflexology, in every area, including cancer care. The best way to understand the benefits that a cancer client receives from reflexology is to leave all the books to one side and to listen to the clients themselves.

The very positive experiences and benefits from reflexology that I have heard from clients has been a truly great influence on my thinking and practice of reflexology in cancer care.