Classes are run on a weekly basis, free of charge, and are open to all those diagnosed with cancer as well as to their loved ones. Please call to reserve a place three days in advance as numbers are limited.

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Mindfulness is about allowing and accepting rather than avoiding, suppressing or holding on to experience. When we practice mindfulness, our thoughts are guided into what we're sensing in the here and now rather than revisiting the past or imagining the future. This class offers skills and techniques that will help you focus on your present emotions, thoughts and sensations, thus enabling you to live more fully in the now.


Pilates helps create a strong mind and body connection that will spill into everyday life and help you regain control. Using safe and supportive body movement, you can improve your posture, regain muscular strength and endurance, and increase your range of motion.


Yoga is a natural way to help relax and cope with stress, anxiety, and can improve mood and enhance wellbeing. Yoga can have a positive impact on cancer-related fatigue and increase quality of sleep. Activity provides a number of physical and psychological benefits to cancer survivors and yoga classes can be a starting point for building physical activity plans. Participants learn stretching, breathing, relaxation and meditation exercises to stimulate body and mind.

All of our classes at ARC Cancer Support Centres are free of charge and open to all those diagnosed with cancer as well as to their loved ones.