Support Line and Getting Started

Support Line and Getting Started

We understand your journey and we’re here to walk alongside you…

No matter where you are in your journey, we understand that taking the first step and reaching out for support is often the hardest part. So many of our clients tell us they wish they had done it sooner, and we promise we’ll make it easy for you when you do get in touch. So call us today on 01 215 0250 or email and let us offer you help and support to cope on the road ahead.


When you or a loved one are diagnosed with cancer, everything can seem like a blur. It's normal to feel anxious and uncertain. ARC is here to help and support you and your loved ones through the emotional, physical and practical effects of cancer, and offers support and resources to help you manage them.

During treatment for cancer you may experience different challenges -physical, psychological or emotional. ARC’s Services can help you navigate these challenges, with emotional and psychological support through Counselling, Support Groups or our Peer Outreach services; building resilience and wellbeing through our weekly classes and courses; offering educational support and advice in the form of regular talks and workshops; and complimentary therapies to help manage side effects such as Acupuncture and Reflexology.

ARC also supports you when you are Post-Treatment. We offer survivorship programmes, courses, workshops and wellbeing activities to help set you back on the road to wellbeing and lifestyle recovery in the aftermath of cancer.

So call us today on 01 215 0250 or email to get started.

In treatment

There are many different types of treatments which are unique to each individual. ARC offers a range of services that can help when you are having treatment. For example, one-to-one counselling, reflexology and acupuncture which can help with pain control, nausea and anxiety.

ARC also delivers a number of talks by professionals which can be beneficial during treatments. Topics include fatigue, nutrition or talking to children about cancer.


Post/long-term treatment

Many clients come to ARC after treatment. This can be a time when people feel anxious. This can be associated with many different factors, such as uncertainty after being discharged from hospital, fewer scans, going back to work or having to change preconceived future plans.

ARC offers survivorship programmes and one to one therapies that can help with challenges that may come about post-treatment.

  • All of our services are free-of-charge

What we offer

ARC offers a range of complementary therapies, one to one and group sessions. All services are free of charge. Please note that touch therapies are currently suspended due to COVID-19.



Counselling for people and their family members to help deal with the fear of a cancer diagnosis.



Acupuncture is used to address the side effects of treatment and helps reduce anxiety.


Manual Lymph Drainage

Manual lymph drainage is a specialised treatment for cancer-related lymphoedema.



Reflexology is a very gentle therapy that promotes relaxation.


Chair Yoga

This four-week chair yoga course can help reduce the impact of chronic illnesses and can help with stress management and coping with pain.


Stress Management

Teaches coping technique that can be put into daily practice to minimise stress.


Specialist Talks & Workshops

Informative events on a range of topics including nutrition, wellbeing, intimacy & sexuality and more.


Cancer Thrive & Survive

Helpful to those who have finished treatment or who may be on to long term maintenance treatment.



To help manage stress and improve well-being.

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