Survivorship Programmes

ARC hosts a series of courses and programmes throughout the year as part of our services to support people affected by cancer their families and loved ones. Throughout 2019, we plan to deliver the following courses and programmes. For more information please contact

Relaxation and visualisation

This four-week programme in both of our centres offer different techniques that leave the body relaxed, calm and focused. Through this very gentle guided relaxation class you will learn first and foremost, how to recognise the stress itself, its sources and how to diminish it. This course will help you to understand a different, more peaceful and natural way of dealing with the stresses of life and includes learning simple techniques to help cope.

Chair yoga

This four-week chair yoga course can help reduce the impact of chronic illnesses and can help with stress management and coping with pain. Perfect for all levels. The class is suitable for people with limited mobility and who find it difficult to practice yoga on the floor.

Prostate cancer programme

This six-week programme provides a space for men to come together, meet each other, share their experiences, their concerns and their ways of living with prostate cancer. The programme aims to provide relevant and practical information to men about aspects of their cancer. It aims to enhance their awareness and understanding of their illness so that they feel better supported and resourced to cope and to live full lives. The topics covered include:

  • Physical Activity and Nutrition
  • Relationship needs and issues
  • Sexual functioning, issues and concerns
  • Stress Management
  • Continence Issues
Living with secondary cancer programme

This six-week programme aims to provide people diagnosed with secondary cancer information, support and an opportunity to meet with other people who have had a similar diagnosis. Topics include emotional and psychological effects of a diagnosis, fatigue, nutrition and relationships. One of the sessions is delivered by a medical Oncologist who speaks about treatment options and medical updates.

Stress management

This nine-week programme for patients offers support and understanding of the difficulties of managing a diagnosis and the impact on body, mind and spirit. Each week a coping technique is explored that can be put into daily practice to minimise stress.

Time to Adjust for Breast Cancer

This is a six-week group-based cognitive behavioural therapy programme for patients recovering from breast cancer. Topics covered over the course of the programme include coping, relaxation, communication, thought monitoring, exploring beliefs, problem-solving and setting goals.

Moving Forward- in partnership with Mater Private Hospital

This is a six-week psycho-oncology educational programme that is run in collaboration with the Mater Private Psycho-oncology department. Topics include nutrition and diet, understanding and managing fatigue, stress management and moving on.

Cancer thrive & survive

This six-week programme is suitable for patients who are moving forward having finished treatment or who may be on to long term maintenance treatment. Topics include: techniques to deal with frustration, fatigue, pain, isolation, poor sleep and living with uncertainty, making decisions about treatment and complementary therapies, communicating, physical activity and nutrition. Classes are highly participative, where mutual support and success build the participants' confidence in their ability to self-manage their health and maintain active and fulfilling lives.