Upcoming events

Prostate Cancer 6 Week Programme

The Prostate Cancer Programme runs for six weeks with each meeting lasting two hours. It is led by a facilitator and invites knowledgeable and experienced guest speakers to come in to meet with the men and speak to them about some of the fundamental aspects of living with prostate cancer.

The topics covered include Physical Activity and Nutrition, Relationship needs and issues, Sexual functioning, issues and concerns, Stress Management, Continence Issues. The meetings are informal, discussion based and also give the men an opportunity to ask questions to enhance their knowledge and awareness.

Faciliator: Kevin Leech

Kevin holds a BSc.(Hons) from UCD and an MSc. in Counselling Psychology from Trinity College Dublin. He is a fully accredited member of  the Irish Association of Counselling & Psychotherapy (MIACP) and has been working as a qualified counselling psychologist since 1999.

Location: via Zoom

Date:  Commences Friday 16th October

Time: 11am

Register: by email to info@arccancersupport.ie

UCD Institution Food & Health Nutrition and Cancer - Prevention & Survivorship in partnership with ARC

The UCD Institute of Food and Health is an international leader in food and health research, with a major focus on nutrition and expertise in the role of nutrition on heart health, diabetes, cancer, obesity, ageing, pregnancy, childhood and other critical stages of life. Communicating sound, factual nutrition evidence is an integral part of their work.

Facilitator: Dr Amy Mulee

Dr Amy Mulee is lecturer in human nutrition within the UCD Institute of Food and Health. Prior her appointment as lecturer, Amy was an IARC-Ireland Postdoctoral Fellow sponsored by the Irish Cancer Society spending one year here at UCD and two years at the International Agency for Research on Cancer in France.

Location: via Zoom

Date: Monday 19th October 2020

Time: 7pm

Register: by email to info@arccancersupport.ie

Breast Reconstruction Talk in Partnership with Mater Hosptial

An informational talk for breast cancer survivors to learn about the benefits and different options available to them with regards to breast reconstruction. Talk will be presented by Mr Richard Hanson, Consultant Plastic Surgeon, Sinead Murtagh CNM 11 in Breast Cancer and Rhona Clarkin, Psychotherapist & Body Image will host this talk. Two patients will share their experiences at this talk.

Location: Via Zoom

Date:  Thursday 11 November 2020

Time: 7:00pm

Register: by email to info@arccancersupport.ie


Fatigue and Cancer Talk

This talk will help provide answers to questions about cancer-related fatigue. It will also offer techniques and day-to-day considerations to more effectively self-manage the condition after treatment.

This talk will be presented by Deirdre Connolly, PhD., MSc., Associate Professor, Trinity Centre for Health Sciences - St. James’ hospital.

Location: via Zoom

Date:  Friday, 13th November

Time: 10:30am

Register: by email to info@arccancersupport.ie

Bereavement Talk

Living through difficult times relating to death, dying and bereavement is both challenging and emotionally painful.

This talks aims to provide participants with the opportunity to explore and discuss the different aspects of grief, their own relationship with bereavement and to find support for themselves and others on this very personal journey.

Facilitator: Virginia Kerr, Psychotherapist

Location: Via Zoom

Date: Thursday, 26th November

Time: 2:30pm

Register: by email to info@arccancersupport.ie

Talking to Children & Adolescents about Cancer

Talking to children and adolescents about cancer can be challenging on many levels. This presentation is suitable for any person who is impacted by cancer and has young people in their lives. The presentation will explore with the audience what and who has impacted their values and beliefs when it comes to communicating about cancer within the family. The session will include practical guidelines on communicating with children and adolescents.

Location: via Zoom

Date: Monday, 30th November 2020

Time: 11am

Register: by email to info@arccancersupport.ie

Stoma Talk

The diagnosis and the care for a Stoma can be very traumatic resulting in feeling very anxious, fearful, emotional and upsetting.

It can take some time for you to come to terms with the changes in your body. But it helps to have supportive family and friends. There may be times after surgery when you feel discouraged. You may feel alone and isolated. This is normal, but talking to others may help. Our Nurse and Physchotherapist will talk through the care and emotional self care. A patient will share their experince during this talk

Faciliator: Clinical Nurse, Physcotherapist & Body Image

Location: via Zoom

Date: Tuesday 1st December 2020

Time: 7pm

Register: by email to info@arccancersupport.ie

Lung Cancer

This information evening aims to provide a broad overview of the recent advances in lung cancer.

This event will cover topics relating to lung cancer research and clinical trials; as well as breathlessness and physical activity; and recovery and survivorship.


Location: via Zoom

Date:  Wednesday, 9th December 2020

Time: 6pm

Register: by email to info@arccancersupport.ie

Stress Management 9 Week Programme

The diagnosis and the treatment of cancer can be very traumatic resulting in feeling very anxious, fearful, emotional and experiencing panic attacks.

This course will allow you to explore various coping techniques to manage the stress of a cancer diagnosis and its effects both on you and the impact on relationships.

The dynamic of the closed group will provide a safe atmosphere where we can openly discuss the stressors of diagnosis and its long term emotional and physical effects.

Faciliator: Mary Scarff

Location: via Zoom

Date: TBC

Register: by email to info@arccancersupport.ie