Martin Sweeney

"My diagnosis came as a major shock, especially as I had had no symptoms or significant concerns. Within 2 months of diagnosis, I had radical surgery which successfully eradicated the cancer but there have been many side effects which I am still dealing with - in particular, urinary incontinence and sexual dysfunction.

Very soon after my diagnosis, a nurse in Beaumont Hospital recommended ARC to me. I find the positive atmosphere and friendly environment in ARC to be exceptional.

I attended peer group meetings, mindfulness sessions and 1-1 counselling– all of which I found most beneficial. Subsequently, I had a course of acupuncture treatment which was also great. Some months after my treatment, I was diagnosed with PTSD and received a course of treatment for that. Perhaps the best service I received from ARC was the 6 week Prostate Cancer Course, which was really informative and helpful.

On the plus side, cancer has opened my eyes to the importance of taking opportunities and appreciating what I have in life. I have made significant positive changes to my life/work balance since my diagnosis."