Pamela McLoughlin

"My name is Pamela Mc Loughlin and I’m 38 years old. I love running and had just ran the NYC marathon November 2017 so was such a massive shock when I was diagnosed with breast cancer in May 2018. That day my world changed forever. From day one the staff and volunteers in ARC Cancer Support Centres have been like family to me and have been by my side supporting me both physically and mentally. Every visit to ARC you are welcomed with such warmth and kindness, I can’t say enough about the amazing team in ARC who look after me. They are so helpful and caring and they are truly wonderful people for giving their time.

That is why I am taking part in the ARC Fashion Show to give back what ARC has given me "time". It is truly the most wonderful gift you can give and ARC have that in abundance and I am very lucky and grateful for that. With the support of ARC I feel I have actually gained more than I lost with cancer. I will be forever grateful for their support and hope to give more time back to them in the future.

Everything means so much more to me now because I know I used to take things for granted. Health is such a valuable asset that you don't truly appreciate until it’s in jeopardy. My life now has a new perspective and I am so lucky to have this time with my family, friends and the new friends I’ve made at ARC."