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  • Podcast - Why We Sleep PART 1

    Dr Rangan Chatterjee talks to world-leading sleep researcher Matthew Walker. They discuss everything you ever needed to know about sleep. In Part 1, they discuss brilliant tips to combat jet lag, explain how sleep can enhance athletic performance and decrease risk of injury and reveal just how much caffeine consumption can impact sleep.  Finally, they explore the reasons behind the current global sleep-loss epidemic and the effect that this is having on our health.

  • Podcast - Why We Sleep PART 2


Yoga & Mediation

  • ARC Cancer Support Services  offer several wellbeing videos such as Mindfulness and Calmness.

  • ARC Cancer Support Services  holds regular classes in yoga, mindfulness, stress management, relaxation, and meditation. Benefits include feeling supported, less alone and at ease. Which provides the building tools to cope with circumstances and enhance your life. All classes are free of charge to anyone affected by cancer.

  • Yoga with Adrienne on YouTube which offers a variety of yoga classes for a range of levels and intentions.

  • Mobile phone relaxation app Calm have created a supportive YouTube channel, offering short, guided meditations. Links to our ARC classes, YouTube, social media.

  • Mindfulness with Carmel O'Hara on The Answers For Cancers Podcast

  • ARC therapist and facilitator Mary Scarf discusses stress and its impacts on The Answers For Cancers Podcast

Nutrition & Exercise in Cancer

Educational and Informative

  • Answers for Cancers Podcast is an educational podcast designed to help support patients and loved ones with treatments and supports available. They speak to experts in the field of oncology.

  • Information about Bowel Screening is attached with more detail available Here. Bowel cancer screening is available to all people aged 60 to 69 living in Ireland. You need to be on the bowel screening register before you are sent an invitation to take a screening test. You can register online or Freephone 1800 45 45 55.

  • The ICS Women’s Health Initiative  aims to improve health and wellbeing for women cancer survivors at all stages of their cancer journey, providing information and advice for cancer survivors on managing side-effects and symptoms.

  • Resources on Cancer and Menopause from MacMillan Cancer Support.

Information on side effects of cancer and it’s treatment from the ICS:

Mental Health Supports

  • yourmentalhealth.ie offer mental health supports and information and guidance on looking after your mental health.

  • HSE Stress Control Online programme available at www.stresscontrol.ie which can help in supporting people with their anxiety and stress.

  • HSE have created the Minding Your Wellbeing mental health promotion videos available online.

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