Practical Supports

  • The Irish Cancer Society Driver Service provides transport for cancer patients to and from their hospital chemotherapy treatments. Call the Volunteer Driver Service team on (01) 231 0522.

  • Caregivers and Family resources including interactive caregiver guides and support videos available with the American Cancer Society.

  • Legal Aid Board  is an independent, publicly funded organisation providing civil legal aid and advice.

  • FLAC is a free legal advice centre will provide information on making a will.

  • HSE home support contains a list of local home support offices which can be contacted to get support at home.

  • Link to Medical Card application and information.

  • Link to HSE Primary Care Schemes to apply for Medical Card, Review Medical Card / GP Visit Card, Carers GP Visit Card and Drugs Payment Scheme Card (DPS.)

  • Hand in Hand provides family meal services around the country with the help of local services, supermarket vouchers, and online meal delivery services.

  • Hand in Hand provides domestic cleaning services around the country with the help of local cleaning companies.

  • Hand in Hand offer laundry services around the country with the help of local laundrettes.

  • Hand in Hand employs professional childcare providers around the country to ease the burden of childcare through treatment.

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